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Historic Sites

A.J. Seay Home A.J. Seay Home
Kingfisher, Oklahoma

Abram's Delight Museum Abram's Delight Museum
Winchester, Virginia

The oldest house in Winchester, this stone building is a wonderful example of early set

Acadian Village Acadian Village
Van Buren, Maine

The Acadians were people from France who settled on Acadia, now known as Nova Scotia, i

Adaland Mansion Adaland Mansion
Philippi, West Virginia

An elegant 1850s plantation home restored to give visitors an authentic picture of 19th

Alameda Museum Alameda Museum
Alameda, California

From old stoves and bicycles to dolls and movie posters, displays at the Alameda Museum

Alamo Alamo
San Antonio, Texas

Although the Alamo fell in the early morning hours of March 6, 1836, the death of the A

Alaska Heritage Museum At Wells Fargo Alaska Heritage Museum At Wells Fargo
Anchorage, Alaska

Housed in a historic bank, this museum pays particular attention to the impact and invo

Alaskaland Pioneer Air Museum Alaskaland Pioneer Air Museum

Alaska's pioneer history coincided with advances and experiments in flight, and this Fa

Alpine County Museum Alpine County Museum
Markleeville, California

The Museum contains displays of an old country s

Andres Pico Adobe Andres Pico Adobe
Mission Hills, California

Inside are museum displays of native American beads, Mission and Spanish-Mexican era ar

Anna Miller Museum Anna Miller Museum
Newcastle, Wyoming

Built in the 1930's, the museum was originally a WPA project for Company A, 115th Caval

Appalachian Caverns And Campground Appalachian Caverns And Campground
Blountville, Tennessee

For many years the cavern lay in silence broken only by the sound of the water, the ani

Apple River Fort Apple River Fort
Elizabeth, Illinois

The war, which lasted only 16 weeks, ended the threat of Indian attacks in the area and

Appomattox County Historical Museum Appomattox County Historical Museum
Appomattox, Virginia

This museum covers the history of Appomattox County, but is not concerned with the Civi

Arkansas Post Museum Arkansas Post Museum
Gillett, Arkansas

The Main House contains an audiovisual room and gift shop.

Arkansas River Historical Society Museum Arkansas River Historical Society Museum
Catoosa, Oklahoma

Museum exhibits include information on the history of the Arkansas River and McClellan-

Artesia Historical Museum & Arts Center Artesia Historical Museum & Arts Center
Artesia, New Mexico

The Moore-Ward house was built soon after the town of Artesia was founded, in 1904.

Astor House Museum And Clear Creek History Park Astor House Museum And Clear Creek History Park
Golden, Colorado

The Astor House was built in 1867, and stayed in continuous operation as a boarding and

Aurora History Museum Aurora History Museum
Aurora, Colorado

The museum strives to reach more and more citizens with local history programs and intr

Aycock Birthplace Aycock Birthplace
Fremont, North Carolina

Found off the beaten path, two miles south of Fremont, the historic site features a mid

Baker Block Museum Baker Block Museum
Baker, Florida

The Baker Block Museum specializes in local history.

Bannack State Park Bannack State Park
Dillon, Montana

As news of the gold strike spread many prospectors and businessmen rushed to Bannack ho

Banning Residence Museum Banning Residence Museum
Wilmington, California

The house is restored with Victorian style furniture to look as it did when the Banning

Barnacle, The Barnacle, The
Miami, Florida

The distinctive vernacular architecture that prevailed in Miami at the end of the 19th

Bear Lake State Park Bear Lake State Park
Garden City, Utah

The Bear Lake Valley was first inhabited by Shoshoni Tribes, then fur trappers.

Bedford City & County Museum Bedford City & County Museum
Bedford, Virginia

This local history museum is housed in a former Masonic Temple dating from 1895.

Beehive House Beehive House
Salt Lake City, Utah

The second Salt Lake City home of Brigham Young, the Beehive House is modeled to appear

Benicia Historical Museum Benicia Historical Museum
Benicia, California

During the 19th century, when Benecia was first being settled, the military built an ar

Bent's Old Fort Bent's Old Fort
La Junta, Colorado

William and Charles Bent, along with Ceran St.

Berkeley History Center Berkeley History Center
Berkeley, California

The center contains exhibits about the history of the Berkeley area, both with educatio

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