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The Early Republic And The War Of 1812

The Early Republic And The War Of 1812




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Without Compromise There Would Have Been No Constitution

Without major compromises by all involved and the agreement to avoid the contentious issue of slavery, the framers would never have written and ratified the Constitution

The Battle Of Lake Erie

With half the western world at stake, See Perry on the middle lake.”
—Nineteenth-century ballad

John Adams Names Marshall as Chief Justice

Critical decisions by the Chief Justice would save the Supreme Court's independence and make possible its wide-ranging role today

If Only Mr. Madison Had Waited—

Gambling on a diplomatic coup with a wily Napoleon, he maneuvered America into the needless War of 1812

Were Sally Hemings and Thomas Jefferson in Love?

A historian tackles one of American history's thorniest questions

A Yankee skipper who preyed on British shipping relates his wartime experiences

American sea captain George Coggeshall tells of his experiences evading the British navy during the War of 1812 and spending over half a century at sea.


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