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The American Civil War, 1861-1865

The American Civil War, 1861-1865




From the Archives

America's Oddest Election: 1860

The sure win that Lincoln nearly lost

The Rock of Chickamauga

Lee. Grant. Jackson. Sherman. Thomas. Yes, George Henry Thomas belongs in that company. The trouble is that he and Grant never really got along.

Gettysburg: Slaughter on Cemetary Ridge

In only minutes, Union guns at Gettysburg silenced the Confederacy's bold invasion of the North.

He Did Hold Lincoln's Hat

Senator Douglas's act is verified, at last, by first-hand testimony

Was Jefferson Davis Captured in a Dress?

A story that the Confederate president donned a petticoat to evade capture emerged right after Union cavalrymen apprehended him in Georgia at war's end. But is it true?

The Miracle on Missionary Ridge

The Union stood in danger of losing an entire army at Chattanooga. Then U.S. Grant arrived, and direected the most dramatic battle of the Civil War.


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