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World War II

World War II


  • PT 309 from National Museum of the Pacific War
  • PT 309
  • National Museum of the Pacific War



From the Archives

Churchill Offers Toil and Tears to FDR

The world-shaping relationship between these two giants got off to a rocky start

A Fateful Friendship

Eisenhower dreamed of serving under Patton, but history reversed their roles. Their stormy association dramatically shaped the Allied assault on the Third Reich

Eavesdropping on the Rising Sun

A young man from Queens jumps into the thick of World War II intelligence activities by translating secret Japanese messages

The Man of the Century

Of all the Allied leaders, argues FDR's biographer, only Roosevelt saw clearly the shape of the new world they were fighting to create

The Naked Truth of Battle

A preeminent author reports on his experience as one of America's first combat historians, among a handful of men who accompanied soldiers into the bloodiest battles to write history as it was being made

The Seventeenth Largest Army

The old Regular Army, part fairy tale and part dirty joke, was generally either ignored or disdained. But its people went about their work with a dogged humdrum gallantry—and when the storm broke, they helped save the world.


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