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Allan Nevins

Allan Nevins (1890-1971) was an American historian and journalist, and Chairman of the American Heritage Advisory Board. He was known for his extensive work on the history of the Civil War and his biographies of such figures as President Grover Cleveland, Hamilton Fish, Henry Ford, and John D. Rockefeller. Nevins was also chairman of the history department at Columbia University, and President of the American Historical Association.

Articles by this Author

To what extent did greatness inhere in the man, and to what degree was it a product of the situation?
Were the great business tycoons of the nineteenth century only that? A distinguished historian says no—most emphatically
His shrewd handling of the Radical Republican bid for power at the end of 1862 established him as the unquestioned leader of the Union
Senator Douglas’ act is verified, at last, by first-hand testimony
American Heritage Book Selection -- Ford: Expansion and Challenge, 1915-1933
If Buchanan had met the Kansas problem firmly we might have avoided civil war The fourth in a series on TIMES OF TRIAL IN AMERICAN STATECRAFT
John Charles Frémont never succeeded in living up to his fame, yet he was one of America’s great explorers
Published here for the first time, Douglas Southall Freeman’s letters to the Carnegie Corporation telling of his research on Washington show
Henry Ford, December 1954 | Vol. 6, No. 1
—a complex man