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Brock Yates

Brock Yates is editor-at-large for Car and Driver ; his most recent book is the just-published Outlaw Machine: Harley-Davidson and the Search for the American Soul (Little, Brown).

Articles by this Author

Decades after they were first cobbled together by enthusiastic amateurs, they are coming to be recognized as perhaps the supreme folk art of the American century
Duesenberg, July/August 1994 | Vol. 45, No. 4
The Greatest American Car Ever Made? “It’s a Duesy”
Detroit Iron, October 1991 | Vol. 42, No. 6
A tribute to the brash confections our car makers offered the world during a decade when not one American in a thousand had even heard the name Toyota
A leading authority picks the top ten. Some of the names still have the power to stir the blood. And some will surprise you.