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Carl N. Degler

Carl N. Degler teaches the history of the South and American cultural history at Fassar College. He is the author of Out of Our Past, The Forces That Shaped Modern America .
For further reading: History of the Old South , by Clement Eaton (Macmillan, 1949); The Ordeal of the Union , by Allan Nevins (2 vols., Scribner, 1947); The Southern Claims Commission , by Frank Klingberg (University of California Press, 1955); Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory , by L. Minor Blackford (Harvard University Press, 1954); Disloyalty in the Confederacy , by Georgia Lee Tatum (University of North Carolina Press, 1934).

Articles by this Author

Was the old South solidly for slavery and secession? An eminent historian disputes a long-cherished view of that region’s history