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Carl Sferrazza Anthony

Carl Sferrazza Anthony is an author who has written a dozen books on political families and wives, including America's First Families: 200 Years of Private Life in the White House, and Heads of State: The Presidents as Everyday Household Items… He has interviewed Presidents Clinton and Bush, wrote speeches for Nancy Reagan, and has worked for the Smithsonian Institution and the White House Preservation Fund. 

Articles by this Author

An Interview With the President and the First Lady
You've always heard Harding was the worst President. Sex in the White House. Bribes on Capitol Hill. Was he really that bad?
First Lady, May/June 1998 | Vol. 49, No. 3
An Interview with the President and the First Lady
Love, Jackie, September 1994 | Vol. 45, No. 5
The Johnsons and the Kennedys are popularly thought to have shared a strong mutual dislike, but stacks of letters and a remarkable tape of Jacqueline Kennedy reminiscing show something very different —and more interesting