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David Michaelis

David Michaelis is an author and biographer whose work includes national bestsellers such as N. C. Wyeth (Alfred A. Knopf; Harper Perennial), which won the 1999 Ambassador Book Award for Biography, and Schulz and Peanuts (Harper; Harper Perennial), a National Book Critics Circle Best Recommended Book. His most recent book is Eleanor, a breakthrough portrait of America's longest-serving first lady.

David Michaelis grew up in Cambridge, Mass., and Washington, D. C., and was educated at Concord Academy and Princeton University. He lives in Westchester County, N. Y., with his family.

Articles by this Author

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt’s evolving relationship with African Americans challenged her beliefs about herself and the world she had been raised in.  
If he’d been the closest companion of the president of IBM, you might happen across his name in a privately printed memoir. But LeMoyne Billings was John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s best friend from Choate to the White House—and that makes him part of history.