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Edward L. Ayers

Edward L. Ayers has served as the president of the University of Richmond since 2007, having previously served as the Buckner W. Clay Dean of the College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at University of Virginia. In 2007, Ayers completed a 15th anniversary of The Promise of the New South: Life After Reconstruction. This essay appears in the collection American Places: Encounters With History, edited by William E. Leuchtenburg and published by Oxford University Press in 2002.

Articles by this Author

Lincoln’s bid for reelection in 1864 faced serious challenges from a popular opponent and a nation weary of war
A place, it turns out, best understood by Alexis de Tocqueville
Sociologists continue to be vexed by the pathology of urban violence: Why is it so random, so fierce, so easily triggered? One answer may be found in our Southern past.