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James Weeks

James Powell Weeks, Ph.D., was a writer, researcher, editor, and archivist who served as a fellow at the papers of the Abraham Lincoln Project, Springfield, IL, and then as editor of the "Civil War Times." Over the years, he wrote many articles for publications ranging from Sports Illustrated to scholarly journals. Weeks also taught history at Penn State and the University of Scranton.

Weeks received a B.A. in history, M.A. in journalism, and Ph.D. in history from Pennsylvania State University. He also received an M.S. in library science from the University of Pittsburgh. His Ph.D. studies focused on the Civil War and his doctoral research was published by Princeton University Press as the book, "Gettysburg: Memory Market and an American Shrine."

Articles by this Author

In September 1862 the New York Tribune ran a masterly account of the Battle of Antietam. Here were no vague claims of “Great and Glorious Victory” or “Great Slaughter of the Rebels.” Instead, the paper offered six columns of accurate, forceful prose—and got it to the readers less than thirty-six hours after the fight.