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Janet Stevenson

Janet Stevenson (1913-2009) was a novelist, a journalist, and a social activist throughout her life. Stevenson wrote primarily on civil rights, the women's and the peace movements, and the environment. In 1986, she was elected mayor of Hammond, Oregon. Stevenson was writing and still politically active well into her 90s.

Articles by this Author

When one weary woman refused to be harassed out of her seat in the bus, the whole shaky edifice of Jim Crow began to totter
The former Attorney General of California recalls the painful internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II and the efforts to help them return.
A Woman’s Place, April 1968 | Vol. 19, No. 3
Fanny Kemble should have known that a beautiful, brilliant, vivacious British actress never, never marries the Butler—especially an American slaveholding Butler with a narrow vision of a wife’s role
A Family Divided, April 1967 | Vol. 18, No. 3
The Grimké sisters forsook their heritage to fight for abolition. Then, many years later, their brother’s terrible sin came back to haunt them.