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Kenneth S. Davis

Kenneth S. Davis, a frequent contributor, wrote “ The Birth of Social Security ” in our April/May 1979 issue.

Articles by this Author

On a warm Florida evening in 1933 a madman with a pistol and a personality profile now all too familiar—“unskilled, unfriendly, unmoneyed, and unwell”—came within inches of altering the course of American history in one of its most critical moments
Had Franklin D. Roosevelt not been so conservative, we might have had national health insurance forty years ago
How a Crash Program Developed an Efficient Oral Contraceptive in Less Than a Decade
“She is such a funny child, so old-fashioned, that we always call her ‘Granny’ “her mother said. Cousin Franklin felt otherwise
So bellowed Ethan Allen as he took Fort Ticonderoga without a shot. Once again the brawling giant of the Green Mountains had lived up to a myth that was indeed mighty—but no greater, perhaps, than the actual man