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Morris Bishop

The late Morris Bishop was professor emeritus of romance literature at Cornell and a frequent and esteemed contributor to this magazine.

Articles by this Author

Saluting a departing general, the British dazzled Philadelphians with the grandest party the city had ever seen; the tiny army that had toppled the general bided its time nearby
Sullivan’ s meticulously planned expedition of 1779 aimed to cripple once and for all the redskin allies of King George
The future French king asked Washington for directions and got an arduous tour of a new nation’s wilderness
Driven from Vermont, the prophet John H. Noyes and his followers formed a communistic society in central New York where they shared everything — including a belief that scientific breeding would improve their offspring
Do today’s turbulent college campuses make you long for the good old days? The facts may dampen your nostalgia
A French Volunter, August 1966 | Vol. 17, No. 5
General Washington was less than charmed by the young Frenchman whose thirst for la gloire was matched only by his ignorance of English. But the newcomer swallowed his pride, served valiantly, and lived to piquantly recall his adventures as