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Philip B. Kunhardt Jr.

Philip B. Kunhardt Jr. was a former managing editor of Life magazine who became known as a writer and producer of historical documentaries for television. With two of his sons, he created Kunhardt Productions that produced films such as "Freedom," an eight-hour series broadcast on PBS stations in 2003; "The American President," a 10-hour series shown on PBS on 2000; and "P. T. Barnum," a three-hour biography shown on the Discovery Channel in 1995. Mr. Kunhardt wrote more than a dozen books, often companion volumes to the films written with his sons.

Articles by this Author

ASSASSINATION!, April 1965 | Vol. 16, No. 3
Had there been a Warren Commission exactly a century ago, when Abraham Lincoln was shot, its report might have read like the somber, moving, and impressively researched book from which the following narrative is taken.