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Terry Golway

Terry Golway is an author and historian whose books include Washington's General: Nathanael Green and the Triumph of the American Revolution, The Irish in America, For the Cause of Liberty, and So That Others Might Live. He frequently writes for American Heritage, The Boston Globe, and The New York Times. 

Articles by this Author

The people who stand ready to trade their lives for ours are part of a tradition that goes back 400 years
In their surprisingly short history, presidential debates have never lived up to our expectations—yet they’ve always proved invaluable
Political Reform, October 2002 | Vol. 53, No. 5
When the two parties gather to select their candidates, the proceedings will be empty glitz, with none of the import of old-time conventions. Or will they?


With American Heritage approaching its fiftieth birthday in December 2004, we’ve asked five prominent historians and cultural commentators to each pick 10 leading developments in American life in the last half-century. We begin in this issue with Terry Golway—the political columnist for the New…