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William E. Wilson

Mr. Wilson, a frequent contributor to AMERICAN HERITAGE , is the author of Indiana: A History , published last year.
For further reading: The Lords Baltimore and the Maryland Palatinate , by C. C. Hall (J. Murphy, 1902); Maryland; The History of a Palatinate , by W. H. Brown (Houghton Mifflin, 1912).

Articles by this Author

For over a century the colony was the feudal property of the Lords Baltimore. It turned out to be a fee of troubles.
So Abraham Lincoln summed up his boyhood in Indiana. Posterity has made of it a romantic legend, spent in a dark, smoky, crowded, deep in the wilderness
It was 1924 and the Klan was riding high. The author’s father, a congressman, wouldn’t join, and this Is how It felt to be an outcast in one’s own home town that summer.
Utopia, Limited, October 1964 | Vol. 15, No. 6
Of New Harmony, Indiana, its celibates and reformers, and of certain new wrinkles in the pursuit of happiness